It is my hope that your role as content manager equips you with the knowledge necessary to ensure that the quality of translation work is prioritized at your company, rather than the “front row seat” principle. But how are you supposed to communicate with a translator if you don’t actually speak the language?

What are the best ways to work with translating services?

To begin, it would be beneficial to reach a consensus on basic guidelines. In a typical hour, a translator should be able to complete 250 words’ worth of work. This is the amount of time allotted for post-checking as well as searching for certain technical terms. This may sound low, and of course it also depends on the type of content; a Wikipedia technical page is more complex than a product description of a modular construction block, but such an average gives you a basis for measuring how well your translation performs. [Case in point:] Make sure you are clear on this point with a traduzioni mediche.

Second, it is beneficial to provide a detailed explanation of the quality control procedures. It is reasonable to allow the translator have control over the content (or even to provide him with access to your CMS so that he may publish it himself), but in the beginning, you should avoid making anyone the definitive editor of their language.

In many cases, you can also use these sites to locate individuals who provide proofreading services

Find a native speaker who can take control of the tone and style of the work you are having translated. Include in the summary your thoughts on which points are most essential to you. When writing a description of a product, your goal should be to present it in the most alluring light possible so that customers will want to buy it from a company like Espressotranslations.

Create a connection with another translator

Surprisingly, the translators are also just regular human beings. If you are using a team of copywriters, you have undoubtedly realized that you like your job much more when you are collaborating with individuals who are already acquainted with your company’s brand, website, and writing style. It is recommended that you look for a team that is more or less permanent if you intend to use translation as a long-term plan. This makes it a lot simpler to use!

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